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Agile Technologies


Our agile approach is based on industry best practices, proven to shorten application development time right from the beginning of any application development, based on Adaptive Software Development methodology. We strive to get development teams the most value through automated agile practices to achieve best business objectives. Which is why we always stay focus in ensuring that collaboration among development teams are achieved through integrated agile planning and reporting process. This means that development lead-time can be drastically shortened, and faster time to market can be achieved.


Besides, our analytic tools allow automation in code reviews, and debugging process for continuous software improvement. Not only that, our adaptive process framework provides automation in agile processes; while allowing rapid integration and/or deployment of reusable components in a flexible manner. Speak to our consultant today to find out more about Agile Technology.

Smart Software Delivery

We help customers achieve better, faster, smarter software delivery. Our experience in delivering software combines the best practices with more traditional project and program management frameworks to achieve these outcomes on projects of various size, complexities & geographical locations around the world.

better software delivery

The upmost attention is given to the business priority with minimum technical risk in every scenario. Environments,business requirements, operations personnel and business objectives changes daily, our approach ensures that only business value is delivered; where quality is at the center stage to achieve both short term and long term business goals.

faster software delivery

Many methods consume precious user’s time having to wait until the software is 'completed' before they are able to get on their daily routines. We let the users decide when, how frequent and how the software releases matters to the user, letting the user have prior control over the whole situation.

smarter software delivery

Our approach ensures that the whole delivery life cycle and process owners (customers, managers, users, developers, testers and etc.) benefit. All focus on creating business value rather than working on software, handover procedures to a maintenance team, ensuring sufficient documentation for external audit, or whatever. Our delivery approaches lowers cost and increases capacity very visible and achievable by spending only what is necessary to deliver at the right time.

Technology Insights



Primalcom offers agile enterprise solutions that empower rapid, flexible deployment and ongoing change management of business applications. Our solutions, built around and delivered on business process delivery technique allows you to have a peace-in-mind, innovative, ease to change management, internalized best practices and fastest time-to-market. This means your business do not loss out in the ever changing market.



Primalcom has been implementing mission-critical enterprise applications to clients around the world. Built using a service-oriented architecture, these applications represent years of accumulated industry knowledge and expertise.



Primalcom Enterprise Series is a suite of world-class, adaptive, web-architected enterprise solutions serving large and mid sized businesses. Built on a service-oriented architecture, these software solutions offer rich functionality, seamless integration and are cost effective. The rich functionality of a packaged solution coupled with the ability to continuously change to the evolving needs of an enterprise make Primalcom Enterprise Series an obvious choice in software solutions.

Agile business solutions to meet ever changing market demand 

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