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Data Center Transformation

Transformation made simple

There’s lots of data center challenges that the Systems Administrators endeavor daily especially with gaps in a non-virtualized storage infrastructure and environment with legacy hardware’s and solutions. Today’s data center challenges demand a new approach to data storage.

At Primalcom, we provide best of breed, end-to-end Virtual Storage Infrastructure and solutions to meet your demanding business requirements. We quickly respond to explosive growth, reclaim trapped capacity, and enable storage tiering, consolidation, and data migration.

How can we apply the lessons learned in compute to the rest of the data center?

Today’s systems administrators faces various storage problems, such as: 

     – Explosive growth of data sizes
     – Cost and complexity that out of control
     – Performance issues
     – Stranded capacity
     – Provisioning difficulties

Experience tells us, trying to solve these problems while undertaking new initiatives with the same old storage is a recipe for failure!

These can be overcome by strategic storage initiatives, featuring:

     - Storage Consolidation and Integration
     - Tiered storage methodology
     - IT VirtualizationData migration

The advancement of storage has not progressed in pace with your server infrastructure, thus creating a huge gap. With better utilization, agility and responsiveness can be achieved at the same time lowering overall operations costs. The old school of manual provisioning of individual arrays will not only create trapped capacity, silo management coupled with performance and scalability limitations. To overcome this, we implement best of breed, virtualization for both servers and storage offering end-to-end IT optimization. The below benefits are realized:

     - One singular, visualizable pool of capacity
     - Unified data services and offerings
     - Array agnostic
     - Support for key storage initiatives
     - Automated of processes
     - Load balanced
     - Maximizes performance
     - Highly reliable and resilient