Delivering truly essential parts of software through cloud ecosystem

Unlocking the potential of cloud to boost your business!

Cloud Services

Primalcom Enterprise’s sound service strategy and going to the fundamentals approach to optimize service delivery across multiple channels. Our strategy is to focus on your service sourcing and delivery flow, in order to design and implement the right infrastructure for service delivery and management.

Depending on infrastructure, services, technology deployment, and service-level, we are able to ensure that your application processes are streamlined to achieve better ROI. 


service management

Through consulting to help, we you design and govern your business and IT services across multiple delivery channels to ensure QoS are achieved


infrastructure services

Through Infrastructure-as-a-service, we enable your businesses to employ computing resources by distinctive business requirements, in a scalable and agile way


managed service

Through 24/7 support, maintenance, health checks, and performance-tuning, we enable your business applications and services running at optimized performance without outrage


security management

Through the highest level of protection across different part of where you your services components, we employ the latest technologies to prevent any cyber threat from interrupting your business platforms

Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS)

With our full cycle and in-depth operation experience in infrastructure and application solutions, we offer Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) consulting, design/architecture blueprint to implementation service in assisting business build a robust and scalable PaaS platform to deliver in-house, standardized, self-service, PaaS across application development team.


Building around a wide spectrum of technologies, we help you design, and build a full lifecycle enterprise PaaS platform, pre-integrated with the most comprehensive services to meet your very organization needs. Integration is made easy, through REST API.


Our PaaS solution is carefully designed and architected to provide third-party runtime, compatible with Puppet cartridge provisioning to cater for multi-level tenancies. By defining auto-scaling policies across various Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS), our PaaS architecture is capable scaling up to public IaaS when resource is scarce.


Using load-balancing techniques, our PaaS platform enables auto traffic priority management to achieve better service level assurance. Any new service launches, which require computing-power specific requirement, can be easily achieved based on on-demand basis, through multiple factor scaling method in defining resources needed. 

Agile SaaS for faster time to market 

Reducing cost while sustaining competitive edge.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

Primalcom Software as a service (SaaS) solutions will help you solve your business and technology challenges while delivering optimal business results through faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, and higher staff productivity.

Unlike conventional application businesses, which requires lengthy and costly processes in putting together infrastructure and its associate applications and components. We provide your business with worry-free platform that can be up within weeks instead of months.



Our SaaS solution methodology makes sense to seamlessly work in various types of business applications. Unlike conventional enterprise business application approach, we separate the business logics from the rest of data processing & management activities at the server end within the client/server ecosystem. With the omission of business logic, the server-side logic and scripts will hence transform into generic codes, which can serve the enterprise business applications. The same theory applies also on the insertion of records in a database, irrespective of the application nature. Be it ERP, CRM to business intelligence applications, the codes deployed to store, retrieve, and update database record would eventually be the identical.


Solution offerings

We offer a comprehensive range of software solutions, ranging from core business (ERP, CRM, etc), business intelligence, and industry-specific business applications to allow you to kick-start your business in no time.

Our SaaS solution is robust, agile and scalable in delivering optimal business performance in your enterprise application needs.