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Data Integration

Data makes business sense

Our end-to-end solution allows you to transform your legacy system into a full-blown business solution through our span of consulting and implementation experience in Forms, Reports, Workflow, APIs, and PL/SQL, Oracle Fusion Middleware, BPEL, Oracle Application Development Framework, BI (XML) publisher, XML gateway, EDI, OAG, and APEX. Our professional service offerings include:
Assessment: assessment will be conducted based on existing business application, business processes, business requirement; after which findings will be matched against industry best practices for gap analysis and recommendation of corrective actions
Project Planning: Project planning involves in enterprise applications strategy and planning to identify Oracle EBS modules that best meets your business objectives
Design & Implementation: we will design solution architecture based on your current business needs prior to implementation rollout, ultimately ensuring business processes and data quality are optimized
Maintenance support: including on-going support, system health-check, technology assurance, application/new service add-ons, customization service, technology refresh, etc.
Training services: we offer onsite and offshore classroom-based training services, including technology walk-through, custom syllabus (project specific) trainings to meet your learning needs.

Data and technology correlates. As technologies advanced, organizations introduce changes to their business applications, and data grows in along with their business growth in an unprecedented way. Organizations roll out data warehousing initiative that spans over months, if not years, given a particular introduction in change. While data information and technologies needs to always be intact, if not, have closer gap to ultimately achieve optimal data quality and flawless data exchange. Organizations start realizing that any change in IT can means losing business competitiveness due to the lack in agility.

At Primalcom, we offer our organizations seamless data integration addressing complex technology systems and applications in a heterogeneous environment. Be it database, middleware, core business applications, legacy systems, we can rapidly help you get your data integration delivered in months, not years. 

Using Hadoop technology, our Data Integration suite of solution, we make alternation on business logics based on your requirement, without coding effort to cater for any platforms, and data types. There are instances where alteration at business logic layers do not work, connection to data/ database layer. 

With the exponential growth of mobile technology, more organizations start introducing mobile platforms to stay competitive. Unlike desktop client, mobility service typically offers custom-made functionalities tailor made to fit into the mobile platform. And development efforts needed usually involves in altering service components, platform architecture, and business processes. At Primalcom, we simplify the complex processes by directly grabbing and implementing “re-usable web component” functionalities onto the mobile platform to create competitive advantage and drive economic value.

Most business organizations are struggling to access their intranets as such portals are mostly sitting in silos. Employees accessing such portals, be it customer-relationship (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Business Intelligence (BI) can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Our intranet integration can be built around existing portals, by extracting and re-using all data and functionalities to meet your business needs. And the outcome: employees will benefit from accessing a single portal, which provides coherent data, with the benefits of single-sign-on (SSO).

When new business need arises, e.g.: introduction of new portal, existing data will be required to be migrated. And efforts in moving data typically requires coding and scripting, which are tedious and time-consuming. Our content migration eliminates all coding and business process re-engineering efforts. By defining all the data needed between/among portal and applications, data migration can be delivered on the fly.

Most organizations have several unique applications running to serve different business needs. And data integration is the solution to help organization march towards organization business goals. However, most data/application integrations are challenging, especially in a heterogeneous environment.  Further more, efforts poured into coding and business process streamlining may be extremely manpower intensive and time-consuming. Our data & application integration bypasses all these challenges, by simply defining and re-using all the functionalities needed through web interface. Organization can achieve same business objectives in evolving data infrastructure to serve business needs in any environment with far lesser time, people involvement.

More organizations are taking advantage of SOA architecture with the aim to have seamless web application integration organization-wide. However, SOA is highly dependent on web service and requires web components development before they are able to integrate with each other. As the number of web components grows, integration becomes complex and extremely time consuming. Through our web service integration, we simply grab all needful features and functionalities needed, without the need of coding effect, before bring your web services into live production in days instead of months.