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Database Optimization

Harness the power of data

With the ever-increasing data growth, database administrators/developers are facing incremental pressure to ensure that their database systems achieves highest level of performance. While juggling around with service level satisfaction, productivity and cost/budget contraints, they need to think out of the box. By deploying more resources, e.g.: hardware infrastructure, at their current challenges is no longer a feasible solution. It is, hence, very crucial to look at optimization that ensures that poor-performing codes, e.g.: bad database/application codes, never reaches their production environments before the damage is significant.Typically, database optimization challenges occur within database design and/or during database development.

Achieved by various topology, protocols, techniques and years of technical know-how, our database optimization and upgrade service are to ensure that your database operates in a robust and stable state as data grows organically. Besides, we  manage your transition from existing version of database to an updated version of the database. 

Our end-to-end solution allows you to transform your legacy system into a full-blown business solution through our span of consulting and implementation experience in Forms, Reports, Workflow, APIs, and PL/SQL, Oracle Fusion Middleware, BPEL, Oracle Application Development Framework, BI (XML) publisher, XML gateway, EDI, OAG, and APEX. Our professional service offerings include:
Assessment: assessment will be conducted based on existing business application, business processes, business requirement; after which findings will be matched against industry best practices for gap analysis and recommendation of corrective actions
Project Planning: Project planning involves in enterprise applications strategy and planning to identify Oracle EBS modules that best meets your business objectives
Design & Implementation: we will design solution architecture based on your current business needs prior to implementation rollout, ultimately ensuring business processes and data quality are optimized
Maintenance support: including on-going support, system health-check, technology assurance, application/new service add-ons, customization service, technology refresh, etc.
Training services: we offer onsite and offshore classroom-based training services, including technology walk-through, custom syllabus (project specific) trainings to meet your learning needs.

Starting at database design layer, it is of crucial importance that the database designs comply with relational standards. Our database consultant is able to assist you in validating the design/architecture by examining at the structure of your database to find improper indexing, normalization problems and other relational modeling errors that impact database performance. We will assist you in pinpointing database problems, and recommending you solutions, which promote timesaving and productivity improving methods, during all phases of the database lifecycle.

No database developers would like to witness poor-performing code reaching their production environment. At Primalcom, we provide profiling and validation service to examines your database queries to pinpoint inefficiencies. Through gap analysis, we offer alternatives to improve your poor performance database; whilst ensuring that poor-performing SQL never reach your production environment.