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Unified Connectivity

Revolutionize the connectivity

With sales of Internet-enabled smart phones already surpassing PC sales, tablet device sales forecast to eclipse desktop sales by 2013, and cloud-based computing models will grow at a rapid rate, it easy to foresee post-PC world, a new mobile work force model where the workspace uses communications and collaboration software that runs on any device, any place, and any network.

Leveraging on the new workspace model, Primalcom enables communication and collaboration in ways to create new opportunities for innovation, productivity, and cost savings; change the information distribution life cycle; revolutionize the process changing how people work together.

Primalcom Unified Connectivity solutions integrates connectivity platform that allows an IT personnel to securely deliver any voice, computing and data service, over any access medium. Providing the IT personnel a scalable, secure and unconstrained connectivity platform on which they can build their services.

Our leverage on both best practices and technologies that eliminates the dependence on access technology and creates a dynamic connectivity environment for the enterprise. We provide unified connectivity solutions in improving resilience and bandwidth aggregation for substantially higher upstream data transfer rates, in any mission critical environment.

Our end-to-end solution allows you to transform your legacy system into a full-blown business solution through our span of consulting and implementation experience in Forms, Reports, Workflow, APIs, and PL/SQL, Oracle Fusion Middleware, BPEL, Oracle Application Development Framework, BI (XML) publisher, XML gateway, EDI, OAG, and APEX. Our professional service offerings include:
Assessment: assessment will be conducted based on existing business application, business processes, business requirement; after which findings will be matched against industry best practices for gap analysis and recommendation of corrective actions
Project Planning: Project planning involves in enterprise applications strategy and planning to identify Oracle EBS modules that best meets your business objectives
Design & Implementation: we will design solution architecture based on your current business needs prior to implementation rollout, ultimately ensuring business processes and data quality are optimized
Maintenance support: including on-going support, system health-check, technology assurance, application/new service add-ons, customization service, technology refresh, etc.
Training services: we offer onsite and offshore classroom-based training services, including technology walk-through, custom syllabus (project specific) trainings to meet your learning needs.

Managed WAN technology

Managed service is achieved through adaptation best of breed proven solutions in helping you achieved highly scalable application performance across your organization network. These cutting-edge technologies, traffic prioritization, data compression achieved through Quality-of-Service (QoS), TCP & application protocol, ensure that highest quality of response time in delivering ultimate Quality of Experience (QoE).

Virtual Topologies

Through our topology technology, we are able to enable mission-critical business organization be visible of all network links and ports across their corporate network. Information such as physical and logical connectivity provides valuable insights to organizations in achieving the utmost network performance with significant saving in cost-of-ownership

MPLS IP VPNs via cloud routing

Cloud providers are being pressured with not having control over customer royalty as market is filling up with low price strategy competition. Most of the cloud providers, if not all, adapt to the same model by hosting applications in data centers for user access through any ISP. In order to stand out among competition, we help cloud providers achieve QoE through link load balanced Internet connection technique. Through network bonding and site-to-site VPN technique, cloud providers can now optimize network links while lowering down their network operating expenses. Further, connection to all HQ/branches is made available through QoS and application compression.